Saturday, August 29, 2015


Every Thursday is fun for me and my drawing/painting pals because we spend time with some lovely still life objects at Medley Tea. We've been doing this for over a year and now "The Thursday Drawing Club" will show some of the results of those sessions this September and October (at Medley Tea).  There will be a First Friday Reception...I'll remind you as the time draws nearer.

I remember reading Carol Marine's great book last year and the wonderful advice she gives about "economizing brushstrokes". I kept that in mind for this 8x8 painting. What have you been doing lately? I'll check out some blogs now and find out.

(I took this paintings to the art discussion group on Thursday. To see what everyone else brought....go HERE).

(Painting): Celeste Bergin, White Teapot, oil on 8x8 gessoed paper


Julie Ford Oliver said...

Teapots turn me on and this white one certainly does.
Love the shape and the flowing brushwork.
I agree - Carol Marine's book is an absolute gem.

Libby Fife said...

You elevated that teapot! Very pretty.

I think about brushstrokes a lot, believe it or not. Even for the kind of work that I do I like to consider direction, thickness of the paint, texture and of course, economy! With acrylics, because of how quickly they dry, you don't really want to work back into a stroke if you can help it. You can use a medium but even that is dicey. So, like you alluded to, economy of strokes can be a factor. (No "petting" the canvas as PKR says!)

Sadami said...

Good work! Would you like to have tea? Cheers, Sadami

Helen Moreda said...

Celeste your painting looks so fluid. You really caught the energy of what you were painting! Love the strokes resulting in a very nice work.

CrimsonLeaves said...

Ah've been so busy and we rarely talk anymore! I miss ya, friend. Love the soft palette here and the shape is exquisite!

mary maxam said...

I've not been 'out and around' the net and missing your work! What a perfect statement of shape and subtle values. Just lovely