Friday, November 20, 2015


Our Thursday discussion meeting was about favorite art books. I've been re-reading Richard Schmid's wonderful book Alla Prima. I have the old version of the book, there is a newer one. 

 I shared this monochrome underpainting (that I painted in Schmid style) in the meeting. The lights are accomplished by wiping away paint from the surface. (I have really not done that method before ...more confirmation for me that there are many methods of painting). Schmid wrote in his book that he sometimes just paints monochromatically and doesn't do more. (I think that is what I will do with this one, though I will likely paint more portraits in the future, adding color and using his method).

To see what everyone else brought (and to read about the great book recommendations...) go HERE

(Painting): Celeste Bergin, in the style of Schmid, Raw Umber oil on 12x16 canvas sheet


John Simlett said...

This works so well. The attraction for me to paint in monochrome is ever present.

This is not a typical Celeste Bergin though, just shows how broad your talent is.

Sheryl Anthony said...

I agree with John, this painting doesn't seem like your style, but it sure reads well. I am going to look at that book. I've heard about it for years.

Dan Kent said...

Really cool way to paint. I happen to be reading Where the Heart Beats, about John Cage, now and it is an amazing, mind-bending, life changing book, as well as a wonderful read. I agree with that recommendation. (My two cents)

AK said...

This is such a mature work. Fabulous.

Helen Moreda said...

Great portrait. And the wiped away areas are just perfect.