Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New Year....Yay!

Gary Everest chose me to become the steward of his flight boots when he and his wife moved to Hawaii a couple of years ago. These boots meant a lot to him and he painted them several times. It feels like a huge honor to be given I've decided I will paint them too. I know I can't do nearly the great job that Gary did..but I'll do my best. Today I just got some value studies started. These boots are truly magnificent. Beautiful shapes! (The idea to paint these reminds me that Van Gogh painted shoes and boots several times).

I don't "do" New Year's Resolutions, but I do pledge to return to blogging. Here are my cats to prove that I am serious. (Because, as you know...there can be no internet pledges without cats). :)

(Top Photo-Value Studies) Celeste Bergin, Gary's Flight Boots,  oil on canvas sheet


Linda Popple said...

Your value studies are terrific and I can't wait to see the paintings you will do!

John Simlett said...

My Flying Boots got painted, but not in the way you mean ... by my son (50 years ago), he also painted my tool boxes and a part of the wall! The paint remains on my tool boxes (I never over-painted them).

The Air Force replaced the boots without more than a raised eyebrow. Later my granddaughter took them, and my flying jacket, when she was going to be a fighter pilot ... in the event she ended up a lawyer, the boots and jacket never re-appeared.

Happy New Year, Celeste and happy blogging!

Sadami said...

You, too, Happy and Creative Year, too. Best wishes, Sadami

Libby Fife said...

The proof is in the cats! LOL:) Happy New Year too you.

Sheryl Anthony said...

What a good subject. I want to do more planning like this when I paint. Thanks for reminding me.

Julie Ford Oliver said...

I am impressed - not only with your great looking studies, but also that you intend to blog more frequently... Great news, and those two adorable looking cats will make sure you keep your word. Right?
I LOVED the cool light Gary used for his boot painting with such fabulous effect.

Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Celeste,
What a wonderful surprise when I arrived at your blog! I hate to admit it, but seeing the boots reminded me that they weren't hiding in a closet here! Can't believe I'd forgotten that they found a new home almost three years ago. Must be too much salt air!
Anyway...Great studies and I can hardly wait to see how you improve on their previous "portraits"--and I know you will.
Hope the New Year is going well for you and Dave. You already have a great start, if I may be allowed to say so.

suzanneberry said...

Wonderful studies and great boots! And thank you for the link to Gary's blog and his boots. Incredible! And looking forward to more of these, they are such a great painting much character!

And thank you so much for the good wishes my friend! I wish you the very best in the New Year, success, joy and peace!

art by Michael Perchard said...

Happy New Year Celeste!
I am out here checking out your blog regularly! I so love this one! Love the dark tones and of course the story behind this lovely work. Goal 2016 to blog more and comment more! Keep on making great art! Buddy!!!!

Lisa Graham Art said...

Can't wait to see your painting of Gary's boots! I was just thinking today that I wanted to paint a series of my favorite clothes. I really was.

Hello sweet kitties.