Tuesday, May 29, 2012


This is a value study of a previous painting. My plan is to add a warm/golden glaze later...after it is completely dry. I should be able to show the results down the road.

Please have a look at the fantastic (surprise) portrait Sherry painted of my Mother: (HERE)! I really love it and I'm looking forward to putting it on a special wall in my bedroom. Thanks so much, Sherry!

Painting: Celeste Bergin, Untitled, oil on 10x10 canvas panel


Autumn Leaves said...

I so love value studies and almost every artist I follow does them beautifully. I keep trying them and then end up off on my merry own putting darks where it seems most right, lights following that same instinct. Rarely do I end up with a right piece in the end. LOL

Your mom's painting was pure joy, my friend. I loved every second of it and hoped it would come out in a way that it just looked like your mom. Can't wait 'til it arrives!!

Maritza said...

Un espacio maravilloso, y nostálgico a la vez, por los tonos de tu pintura. La escasez de luz lo hace arrebatador!

Precioso, Celeste.
Una linda jornada para ti!


Art Matters said...

I enjoy this painting so much - love it just as it is - so atmospheric.

Celeste Bergin said...

Maritza wrote:

A wonderful space, and nostalgic at the same time, by the tones of your painting. The lack of light makes sweeping!

Beautiful, Celeste.
A nice day for you!
Thank you Maritza!

Gatepost productions said...

I can see how this is going to work ... looking forward to the next phase.

How kind Sherry is to produce your mom's portrait. There's some nice people about.

I'm stuck so deep into drawing this cathedral (the York Minster) I may never emerge again :O)

David E. Castillo said...

I like this as is, but I will be interested in the next step.

David E. Castillo said...

The watercolor protrait of your mother is a goodpresent.

Linda Roth said...

A limited palette restricted to value is so effective. This is great. The composition is great too. I love pathways to the future--this painting says that. It's quite abstract.

Linda Popple said...

Lovely value study! It's going to be gorgeous when the glaze is added. Looking forward to seeing it.

hw (hallie) farber said...

Beautiful study, Celeste. I know you were delighted with Sherry's portrait of your mother.

SharonWrightArtist said...

Looking good! I can never get the hang of the glazing thing so I'm anticipating the next stage with interest and glee!

mary maxam said...

I have not been out and around and have been missing your superb paintings such as this one. Excellent!